A little about me...

From my very humble beginnings I always knew that I wanted to do something that made others feel happy and mighty good about themselves. It took me a little while to figure this part out. You see this young millennial (me) landed her first job working behind the counter at the local video shop filing videos and stacking shelves with the new top releases. Whilst in the background the hottest album of the time, Red Hot Chili Peppers “Blood, Sugar, Sex, Magik” played relentlessly on repeat because well let’s just say this lucky lady was allowed to choose the music.  

I then graduated to working in drive thru at my local McDonalds where I mastered the skill of upselling because basically no soft serve cone should ever be sold without an accompanying Cadbury flake! From there I landed my first serious job working in print and I'm still there today having worked every roll from reception through to sales and now to client support.

What makes me really happy is my family. My wonderful husband is a builder and is quite handy when it comes to needing a bit of muscle. My two tremendously beautiful daughters who mean more than the world to me and of course our effervescent staffie Hero, who bounces the life back into all of us.

My downtime consists of shopping (yes, I am addicted and occasionally hide the odd thing here and there). I listen to music super loud in the car and love a good crime podcast. Champagne is my drink of choice and cheese well…...that just coincides with the champagne. I adore anything and everything about animals and may just say hello to your dog before I say a hello to you. Nothing personal that’s just another funny quirk about me.


So, to backtrack to the very beginning of my story where I mentioned that I always wanted to do something that made people happy, well I think I may have found what that might be. I love to marry people and share their love story. I get to be with you on your happiest of days and the absolute best part is that this also makes me one happy lady too!

Amber Gillam
Authorised Marriage Celebrant

The wedding of Nadene + James - video courtesy of Butterscotch Studio