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Suited for the two of you + 2 witnesses and up to 20 guests


I love the excitement of an elopement. I would be more than delighted to marry you in a hot air balloon, on the beach or maybe under an old fig tree dappled in fairy lights. There is certainly something whimsical about the intimacy of an elopement.

Package includes:

  • All legal paperwork and lodgement

  • A personalised ceremony written and tailored just for you and your individual style

  • I’ll arrive 30mins early to meet and greet your guests and photographer/ videographer.

  • My Bose PA System to play all your favourite music playlists through.


Please get in touch if you have something special in mind. I would be more than happy to help coordinate a photographer or stylist or maybe even someone to pop that first congratulatory bottle of champagne. So let’s chat, let’s work on a package that is specially bespoke to you.


Please contact me to discuss a quote

I am happy to travel, but please note that depending on the location it may incur a travel fee.

Legals Only

Consists of the couple + the celebrant and two witnesses


The big wedding is not for everyone or maybe you are getting married aboard and would like to legalise your vows here in Australia first. Basically this is a no fuss, registry style ceremony which usually last for about 5 minutes.


Your destination is up to you. We can meet at the beach or your favourite café whilst drinking coffee or maybe over shots at your favourite bar.


Package includes:

  • An initial get together to fill out all the legal paperwork  

  • A brief little 5 minute ceremony of all the required legals only.

  • Lodgment with Birth Deaths and Marriages


Please contact me to discuss a quote

I am happy to travel, but please note that depending on the location it may incur a travel fee.

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The Full Works

Suited for 20 guests and more


​This is the absolute complete package. It is a stress-free and fun process to the lead up to your ceremony. It provides all the legal handling of your paperwork, coordination and planning. Creating a unique and personalised ceremony specifically tailored to you. All the music must haves a rehearsal plus, a professional delivery on the day.


Package includes:

  • A meeting to prepare legal documents and discuss all things ceremony.

  • Planning and crafting a bespoke ceremony tailored specifically to reflect your own individual style   and ideas. I will provide tremendous amounts of ideas and suggestions to help plan it all. On top of that I practise your ceremony, a lot. So much so that my neighbours begin to think they too are getting married.

  • Assistance with vow writing along with a few hints and tips on making your vows uniquely you.

  • Lodgment of paperwork with Births, Deaths and Marriages

  • The use of my Bose S1 PA system and microphone. My PA is battery operated and has Bluetooth and wireless functionality. Perfect for playing your favourite music playlists through. I even offer music 30mins before and after your ceremony to keep all those fun wedding vibes flowing. I am even happy to help hand out champagne if required.

  • Unlimited email and phone contact. I am available at all times and no question is too big or too small

  • I will even coordinate my outfit so that I blend in with your styling and colour theme.

  • I'll arrive at least one hour prior to the start of your ceremony to meet with your vendors and of course the most important part, meet and greet all your guests as they arrive.

  • You will get a beautifully presented keepsake of your ceremony and vows.

  • After you ceremony I take care of lodgement of all paperwork with Birth, Deaths and Marriages.

  • Lastly, I only ever do one ceremony a day so I am completely all yours.


Need an MC?

At an additional cost I can even offer my emceeing services at your reception. So please don’t hesitate to ask me more about this.

Please contact me to discuss a quote

I am happy to travel, but please note that depending on the location it may incur a travel fee.


Destination Wedding


Imagine getting married overseas and with an Australian celebrant. Well this can certainly be the case and I am here to help that become a reality.


All the legal paperwork and lodgement will be done here first in Australia and then we can follow that with a ceremony located at your dream destination overseas. Your wedding ceremony will be just as you would have it here in Australia however minus all the legal bits but fully surrounded by your family and friends. So let the fun begin!

Renewal of Vows


Perfect for the couple who have already tied the knot and loved it so much they want to experience their special day all again. A vow renewal is a great way to celebrate an anniversary milestone.


Package includes:

  • A meeting before the vow reneal to disuss ideas for the ceremony

  • I will write a bespoke ceremony just for you and conduct it on the day

  • Plus a presentation certificate to commemorate the day


Please contact me to discuss a quote

I am happy to travel, but please note that depending on the location it may incur a travel fee.




So, how does this all work and what’s involved?


At the beginning:

After we make initial contact and that maybe via email or phone, maybe you might like to catch up with me to see if I am the right celebrant for you. We can either catch up in person or via Zoom or another form of video chat. This is where you can get a feel for  who I am and of course what my voice sounds like. We will discuss your ceremony and maybe some ideas you might have. This initial meeting is of no obligation and there will be no pressure at all to decide at that moment whether I am the right celebrant for you. Have a chat and come back to me at a later time.


Once it’s confirmed and you’re happy to proceed with me we can than move forward. I will then issue an invoice along with a client service agreement. From there we will chat about when I will touch base with you again and bear in mind if you have booked me really early on in the peace you may not hear from me until 4 months out from your wedding. I can assure you that I have not forgotten about you and you are still very much part of my focus and planning. Once we confirm a date and time to get together I will require you for about one and half hours. This is where we will fill out your NOIM (Notice of Intended Marriage) this must be lodged with me, at least 31 days before your wedding date and up to 18 months before. By completing this you are lodging your intent to marry with me as your celebrant. We will complete the NOIM together, so bring along your original birth certificates and photo identification or just your passports are fine. If either of you have been married before, the original proof of divorce or death certificate will also have to be sighted.


At this same meeting we will discuss your ceremony vibe and what elements you would like to include. What we will even chat about is the structure and how everything is going to fit together such as bridesmaids, groomsmen and family. Sharing your love story is what it’s all about and I want to ensure we absolutely nail it!


Vows are another really important part as well and I have so much great hints and tips that will help you create something that is uniquely you. As sometimes it’s really hard to put into words exactly how we feel. I am also there too if you need me to cast an eye over them before the big day. I also offer the service of printing your vows and bringing them with me on the day, that way it’s one less thing for you worry about.


Please remember your wedding day is a huge deal to me, so please take advantage of getting in contact with me. This service is unlimited so email, call or message me as many times as your heart desires.


The lead up to your special day:

Following from our initial meet up I will have forwarded you a couples questionnaire. This questionnaire helps me build your ceremony. I usually leave this with you for a good few weeks. As rather than fill this out straight away I want you to “study” your partner for a little bit (but not in a creepy way). Take note of the things they do and what they do for you. Maybe they make you a cuppa tea each morning or maybe they make your lunch for work each day? All these little things make for really big things but remember do not tell me anything you don’t want me to say in your ceremony, as those moments can be really awkward for everyone! Once I receive your questionnaire back I will start drafting your ceremony and I will email you through what I have written to ensure I have captured your vibe. My ceremonies are written in a format as to how the ceremony will be structured on the day. So you can see blow by blow as to what will happen next.


I also get you to provide me with a list of your vendors and their contacts as I usually like to get into contact with them and introduce myself and let them know that I will be working alongside them on the day.


Following this I will offer an opportunity to get together to discuss anything further about your ceremony. I also offer the opportunity to do a rehearsal if you require. This usually takes about 30-45 minutes to do a short run through. Also there is one other small little thing before the wedding, we will need to get together to sign the DONLI (Declaration of No Legal Impediment). 

On the day of your wedding:

I will arrive 1 hour before the ceremony starts. This gives me the opportunity to chat to your vendors. Set my PA system up and best of all meet and greet all your fabulous guests and calm any nerves that might be floating around. I also do offer music 30 minutes before and after your ceremony to create that initial ambiance and of course keep those wedding vibes flowing. I also never dash off to quickly after the ceremony as sometimes I help the photographer gather people for group photos or maybe you just need someone to hand out the champagne.

After your ceremony:

On the following business day I will lodge all your signed paperwork in with Births, Deaths and Marriages. This can take anywhere from two days to two weeks to process. Following this a payment link will be sent to your email to obtain your official marriage certificate. Remember the one I provide you on the day is a commemorative certificate and this cannot be used to do the official changes required when changing your name. On that note, I will also email you some hints and tips about changing your name. Once payment has been received by Births, Deaths and Marriages for your certificate this process can take 2-6 weeks before you receive it. So hold tight it is all in the works of being processed.