Hello Lovers,

Thank you so much for taking the time to check me out.

I guess you’re thinking of maybe tying the knot, getting hitched or becoming someone’s forever after? Well I can most certainly help you out there.

You see, I am an Authorised Marriage Celebrant.

What makes my heart just sing is creating that perfect moment, that moment where you feel like your heart skips a beat for a brief second. That moment you take a glance at your beloved and suddenly feel completely surrounded by the warmth of their presence but yet a little weak at the knees or that moment where the thought of their name just brings a gigantic smile to your face.

That moment is called LOVE and all good love stories deserve to be shared and celebrated. Let me share your love story with the people who mean the absolute world to you. I will have them all gripping the hand next to them, wiping away that sparkle of a tear and of course laughing at the moments that made it all that bit more memorable. Because your ceremony is a big deal, huge in fact and something that should be just as extravagant as the reception party.

I am here as your celebrant to help set that vibe, create that atmosphere and of course guide you through the whole process of getting married. I am a firm believer that getting married is a celebration therefore the whole process should be fun and easy. I would love nothing more than to be able to share in this special moment in time with you.

Big Love

Amber xx

I'm here to help you

create unforgettable


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